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Position Statement

Fareham Independent Group (FIG)

  • FIG consists of like-minded residents, forming a group of candidates, members and supporters. FIG will be promoting Independent candidates standing in the forthcoming Fareham local elections.

  • FIG is not allied to any political party and there is no party whip (where a party leader decides how their candidates should vote). FIG candidates will focus mainly on their own ward issues.

  • FIG candidates recognise that wards cannot exist in isolation and Fareham-wide issues affect all wards. As FIG establishes more Councillors, then these Councillors will then be expected to take part and vote in Council committees on issues outside their own wards.

Residents have asked how FIG stands on wider Fareham issues and the following are position statements that express the majority FIG group opinion.
As Independent candidates, FIG members are not mandated to follow these positions.


  • FIG understands that there is a need for additional housing across Fareham and Hampshire.

  • FIG supports high-quality housing within the borough for Fareham residents.

  • FIG disapproves of building on open countryside, but strongly believes that any such development should be subject to full environmental scrutiny.

  • FIG is committed to building on brownfield land as the default option, where such development is appropriate and sympathetic to location, accessibility and sustainability.



  • FIG feels that the securing of the Welborne development by Fareham Borough Council (FBC) could prevent inappropriate small in-fill development, protect other areas from development including strategic gaps, and reduce developers’ success in other developments where FBC is taken to appeal following a planning refusal.

  • FIG supports the provision of good quality community facilities, such as employment, village hub, doctors, education, leisure and play areas, and that the whole development is built to the highest and most sustainable building standards.

  • FIG feels that the location of Welborne has the potential to be well connected to Fareham by active travel, public transport and potentially a railway station.


Newlands (Fareham South & Stubbington)

  • FIG is concerned that the Newlands development significantly encroaches on the gap between Fareham and Stubbington and establishes a principle that this Strategic Gap is unimportant.

  • FIG is concerned that access to Newlands places stress on the A27 and associated junctions, particularly Peak Lane, Hollam Drive and Bishopsfield Road, and reduces any benefits that the Stubbington bypass may bring.

  • FIG is concerned that existing local facilities may be expected to pick up the extra demands and that the size of the development may not guarantee additional community resources.


Downend / Spurlings (Portchester & Wallington)

  • FIG is concerned about the access to these proposed sites, particularly the rail bridge on Downend Road, the impact on the A27 by Cams School, and access to Delme and the M27. FIG is concerned about potential pressure on the narrow roads around Wallington.

  • FIG considers that the site is not well connected to Fareham or Portchester and their facilities, and that the site would encourage additional vehicular traffic into Fareham town centre.

  • FIG considers that housing would be of poor quality, being of restricted access and sandwiched between a busy motorway and slip road.

  • FIG is concerned about the presence of the industrial estate and the possible damage to the setting and fabric of the Grade II listed Fort Wallington.


Daedalus (Solent Airfield)

  • FIG is concerned about the amount of investment FBC is putting into Daedalus and would wish to see a timely and positive return on residents’ investment.

  • FIG considers that the airfield should remain as a unique historic and working asset in Fareham.

  • FIG does not support any further expansion of the airfield towards extensive commercial flight use or believe this is either possible or appropriate with Southampton airport so close, and would object if such proposals were submitted.

  • FIG welcomes the specialist maritime, aviation and education businesses that are providing valuable employment within the borough.

  • FIG believes that declaring Daedalus as a potential brownfield development site would be inappropriate, contribute to further congestion and encourage closure of the strategic gap northwards.



  • FIG supports the need for additional high quality neighbourhood policing and for residents to feel safe and secure in and around Fareham.

  • FIG will work with the Police and residents to encourage community liaison and schemes such as Neighbourhood Watch and Community Speed Watch, and will seek and raise residents’ concerns around policing issues.


Water Quality

  • FIG deplores the water companies’ reaction to the recent issues around water quality and the continued use of outfall and overflow systems.

  • FIG will establish partnerships with interested pressure groups and support residents’ campaigns to bring about change to the water industry.


Fareham Independent Group will put their communities and Fareham first. Membership means belonging to a support network of independents, determined to keep national party politics out of our local government. Our shared vision is to widen and encourage the interest, participation, and election at all levels of government, of individuals not aligned to mainstream parties and politics. Our commitment is the interests and wellbeing primarily of the Fareham Borough communities we live in and wish to represent and the wider interests and wellbeing of Fareham as a whole.  For the purposes of various Acts of Parliament and those relating to financial regulation and accountability, Fareham Independent Group is required to be a registered political party. However, members retain their freedom and respected right to be independent in their views and aspirations and in particular exercising their vote. Members support each other where they can, and no party-political whipping system is in place or allowed. Members remain Independent, but not isolated. Independents work together and remain free to think, speak and vote for the communities we serve. Join the partnership of growing energy in politics. We’re asking you now to contribute your experience, your energy, your enthusiasm to make a difference for your communities and Fareham Borough.

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