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Portchester War Memorial gets a FREE facelift from a generous member of the local community

After seeing a shout out from local stone mason Paul Mundey on Voice 4 Portchester, Dave Wiltshire of the Fareham Independent Group got in contact with him as he had offered to regild the memorial plaque in Portchester precinct for free, before the Remembrance Day celebrations.


He wasn’t sure who to speak to and put a plea out on Facebook. I contacted him and met him in the precinct.


After a battle to get to speak to the correct person at FBC, and their surprise over the offer, I finally managed to get someone to communicate with Paul so that FBC would agree to having the memorial regilded!


We now have a lovely looking memorial again in time for Remembrance Day. Thank you Paul Mundey on behalf of the people of Portchester! What great community spirit

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