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Portchester Precinct paving being patched for public safety

Dave Wiltshire from the Fareham Independent Group contacted Hampshire Highways on the 7th October, and requested that they make a survey of the whole precinct and make safe the areas where the tree routes are pushing up the slabs & blocks and creating dangerous trip hazards which have plagued the pedestrians.

Hampshire Highways have reacted promptly and undertaken patching in multiple areas of the precinct, addressing the immediate problem.

Although this is great news, it is only a sticky plaster to a problem that will only continue to spread as the trees continue to grow.

A long term solution still needs to be found, wether that involves some sort of root containment, or the removal of the trees which could be replaced with a different variety with a smaller root ball, or maybe another solution altogether.

Fareham Independent Group will be pursuing this further with Hampshire Highways to find a more manageable solution going forward.

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