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Portchester East Ward

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Dave Wiltshire

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'Nothing changes if nothing changes'


My name is David Wiltshire, I am 48yrs old, married with 3 children. I lived in Portchester for 20 odd years and just recently moved into  Fareham. I was a special constable for Hampshire Constabulary for over 12 years, I taught martial arts in Portchester for over 10 years, and I am currently volunteering at The Box Youth Club for 10-14 year olds in Portchester. I love the village of Portchester and hope it can stay a village that’s separated by green fields. A few years ago, I got involved with a conservation group in Portchester and was shocked at how Fareham Borough Council (FBC) conducted itself, initially within the planning department, as I asked more questions it         became apparent to me that things just didn’t add up!  As I asked more questions of FBC, the more alarming it got. I got concerned about what I learnt and how FBC decision making was handled, more importantly how it appears to me that the Fareham residents are ignored and just dictated to. This needs to change - you voted for the councillors to act FOR you.  Sadly, it seems lately that they are ignoring the residents and doing as they feel…or not necessarily in the best interest of the residents.  Therefore, I decided to stand as an Independent Councillor as I feel that a change needs to happen, if I am willing to complain about it then I must be willing to act. I hope that I can help give the voice back to the residents of Portchester, listen to your concerns and lobby at FBC to attempt to achieve some kind of change.  Let’s give the voice back to the resident’s, and make sure FBC is working to give the best value for money for all of us.  Attempt to encourage any new developments are situated on repurposed brown field sites, in preference to exhausting our green field sites, whilst ensuring adequate infrastructure is in place to support them. 

About Dave


What I have been doing for the community


  • I am actively working towards improving the pedestrian areas in the precinct, which are currently very uneven and dangerous to all.

  • I have and will continue to challenge Fareham Borough Council to hold them to account and encourage transparency in their dealings.

  • I am pursuing what has happened to the money from the Lidl development, which was meant for improvements to the precinct.

  • I have successfully challenged Fareham Borough Council when unlawful tactics were used during draft planning stages.

  • I will revisit the coastal car parking charges, as this was not a great idea especially for local residents, volunteers, church congregations and visitors.

  • Attending Planning meetings.

  • Commenting/Challenging planning applications.

  • Challenging the use of the 2.4 Occupants deputation.

  • Supporting and advising resident re local plan-community meetings.

  • Consistently challenging standards of work at the Cranleigh Road site with Fareham Borough Council and the Developers.

  • Pursuing Churchlands charity and the trustees re suspected improprieties.

  • Making numerous formal complaints about Fareham Borough Councils officers.

  • Encouraging & supporting local residents to make complaints.

  • Making Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

  • Knowledge of working police - Crown Prosecution Service (CPS FOI) - questioning as far up as Pinkney.

  • Involved in Legal Challenge and Judicial Reviews.

  • Attending the Contract Action Team (CAT) meetings.

  • Giving deputations at planning committee and other council meetings.

  • Supporting and advising local residents on a variety of matters concerning planning matters, wildlife, trees etc.

  • Researching the nitrate issue.

  • Challenging the Offsetting scheme on the Isle of Wight.

  • Bank of trees.

  • Mud ! ! !

  • Parking - development sites.

  • Arranging for a local stonemason to refinish and guilt the plaque on the precinct war memorial.

  • Liasing/conversations with:

    • Countryside Police.

    • Hampshire Highways.

    • Portchester Councillors.

    • Fareham Councillors.

    • County Councillors.

    • MPs.

    • The News.

    • Natural England.

    • Ecologists.

    • Charities Commision.

    • Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust.

  • I have been a volunteer since its inception in 2019 of The Box Youth Club, which provides a safe space for Portchesters young people between the ages of 10-14, to come together, make friends from different schools and take part in activities they would not   normally do together:


Ask Dave...

If you have any issues, concerns, questions or problems in the Portchester East ward area, them please feel free to email me directly, and I will try my best to answer your enquiries. Kind regard Dave.

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