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Fareham Independent Group will put their communities and Fareham first. Membership means belonging to a support network of independents, determined to keep national party politics out of our local government. Our shared vision is to widen and encourage the interest, participation, and election at all levels of government of individuals not aligned to mainstream parties and politics. Our commitment is the interests and wellbeing primarily of the Fareham Borough communities we live in and wish to represent, and the wider interests and wellbeing of Fareham as a whole.

Fareham Independent Group (FIG) for the purposes of various Acts of Parliament and those relating to financial regulation and accountability, are required to be a registered political party. However, members retain their freedom and respected right to be independent in their views and aspirations, and in particular when exercising their vote. Members support each other where they can, and no party-political whipping system is in place or allowed. Members remain independent, but not isolated. Independents work together and remain free to think, speak and vote for the communities we serve. Join the partnership of growing energy in politics. We're asking you now to contribute your experience, your energy and your enthusiasm to make a difference for your communities and Fareham Borough.