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About Us

The Independent group on Fareham Borough Council is not a political party, it is a group formed from across the political spectrum who believe Fareham residents aspirations come first instead of personal political ambitions.  Members are willing and happy to work together across the political divide in the interests of Fareham residents.  

To strengthen the Independent group on FBC and move the Council to a more democratic way of working requires your support.  The group are just ordinary people who want to make a difference and have become tired of the way our Council functions. 

In Frome (Somerset), the residents have achieved true local democracy where all 17 councillors are from the Frome Independent Group. A local council run by the residents, with no dictates from national parties. If it can happen in Frome, it can happen in Fareham, as long as we all have the courage of our convictions and are brave enough to start believing in change for the better.

It’s easy to feign real action if you already have representation in the council, and there is always a flurry of visible activity around the area subject to an Election. Real action comes from a commitment to fight for what's right, and Fareham Independent Group has fought from the outside, and we are already affecting changes. Once we have representation at a council level, we can fight even harder, and with immunity to the influences of the internal political machine.

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